You know… that Blog?

Just another Auld Lang Syne

Looking back, it’s been a pretty fantastic year for me. I started blogging only 8 months ago, yet I feel that I’ve been doing this all my life. It’s just something that feels right to me. I’ve made many bloggy friends, and for that I am grateful. You’ve all enriched my life in so many […]

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Take a Tour of Our Christmas Tree

My throat was a bit sore today, so instead of joining my comrades in a caroling gig the large group had scheduled (they can do without me for this!!) I decided today was the day the tree would go up. I did wait until the Hubby went to work though – he gets all huffy […]

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Blogsmacking good!

The love-fest continues! JennyMac, mentioned a couple posts ago when I passed on the friendship award to her, has an award of her own to hand out that I’m a very lucky recipient of, and she’s also passing another one as well! Colour me honoured! The first award is JennyMac’s own creation: And with this […]

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