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25 things about “Us”

My Bloggy friend Betty had this up on her blog yesterday, and I thought I’d post it. Now, it is a Valentine’s Day related Q&A, but I’m not real big on V-Day (and yes, I did have a rant post up yesterday, but quickly realized how whiny I sounded, and trashed it) so I decided […]

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Caffeine makes me do bad things

A few years ago I came to realize that having caffeine of any sort means not getting to sleep until 3am. The fact that I stopped sleeping well the second I got pregnant with my first daughter in 1994 doesn’t help things either, although I don’t think caffeine did much to me back then. It’s […]

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Anniversary and shopping

Ok, so it wasn’t a romantic anniversary – we all knew that wasn’t in the cards for me. We did have a nice day together, and went shopping in the states with our youngest daughter. We decided to make that our Anniversary “thing” because we needed to buy Freon for the van (which hubby fixed […]

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