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Careful, anti-gay marriage folks…

I had to share this – it’s really too funny! A client of mine sent it to me (yes, my clients are awesome). Caution: a few areas make it NOT SAFE FOR WORK or young kids. It’s also a smidge too wide for my layout… sorry ’bout that! Enjoy. I did!   Have a super […]

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Summer fun

We had a party on Sunday – unusual for us because of two things: We have very few couples as friends who share the same work cycles as we do. We’re not 9-5, Mon-Fri kinda people. Oh sure, I’m easy (like you had any doubts…) I work out of my home office, so I can […]

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Things that bug me.

There are things in this world that bug me. Actually, there are also things that seriously annoy me, and things that drive me completely around the bend. Being the passionate lass that I am, there are fewer “bug me” than “around the bend” on my list, but that’s another story altogether. I digress. Alarm clocks. […]

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