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For my dear American friends, fearing a Trump win…

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 05•16

For my American friends fearing a Trump win (never happen, but there’s always that ugly threat…), there are things you need to know before the mass exodus to Canada.

Ignore the flagrant use of “EH”; it’s offensive. Also the simpletons dotted hither and yon in the video wearing stupid hats. We are edumacated for the most part, although I must say that there is still a serious lack of education on the uses of “your, you’re, there, their, and they’re…”.

I also say “couch” and never “Chesterfield”… or sofa. It’s a regional thing, much like the goofy accent you’ll hear on some of the video.

The pothead cyclists with the munchies in BC are accurate.

Sadly, the House Hippo is only a beloved legend, and as much as I would love to have one, it is unlikely I ever will. Much like the pony I asked for my whole childhood.

Also, while not covered in the video, it is important to note that the entry to your house is a foyer, which is pronounced “foy-YAY”, not “foy-ER”, which drives me around the bend.

Prepare to love the “u” in many words, which for some reason you folks decided was superfluous at some point. Colour, Neighbour, Labour, Flavour… Learn it. Love it.

Our Prime Minister really is that hot. And he is as genuinely good as he looks.

We welcome and celebrate diversity (well, except those who would follow the Harper-era Conservative ways, which vaguely echo the Republican way, only with far less guns and paranoia.), and that includes the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and yes, even people who wear socks with sandals.

Welcome to Canada. Eh.


Contract passed – back to work, Coke Brampton!

Written By: Jenn - Jun• 13•16

Good news from Mike Eagan, Vice President Local 973, via Facebook last evening:

“Collective agreement ratified
77% in favour including the skilled trades vote.

See you all at work”

It was actually a really poor turnout for voting, and I’m rather shocked by that. This was important, and just slightly more than half of the workforce turned up to listen to the proposal and vote on it. This directly affected you and your families along with everyone else, and you didn’t even show up. Very shoddy, folks. Unacceptable.

The contract had a few minor changes, some fairly substantial changes and a lower pay scale where new temps are concerned, and some required attrition via early retirement packages. Very minor cost of living increases with a lump sum signing bonus and wage freeze for this year, and small increases over the next 2 years, which we can live with. No changes to benefits that I can see. It all went very smoothly… and just a lot too easily in my opinion. It strikes me as a setup for the next contract, where Coke is likely going to attempt some far more extreme measures. Granted I was not present at the meeting, and would love to be wrong about that, but time will tell.

In any case, we’re happy that we have avoided any kind of lockout or strike, and it’s business as usual for most workers. From what I understand, Coke was prepared for a very lengthy strike/lockout in the neighbourhood of 3 months or more if things had not gone well.

We now have 3 years to dwell on and prepare for the next contract in 2019. Use this time wisely, because I’m sure it will not go as smoothly next time.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this negotiation and those who came out to vote. Thanks to Coke for remaining civil and above board this time. Kudos to the Union negotiation team – we appreciate your time and efforts on our behalf.

Work safe, everyone. Have a great day!


So, Coke Brampton… what’s it going to be?

Written By: Jenn - Jun• 02•16

We’re there again, in contract negotiations between the union and Coca Cola.

Thing is, for a while now, they’ve been telling clients calling in for orders that we’re “definitely going to be on strike”, so they should “stock up”. I guess we know what the company is planning.

The last I heard about what they’re offering is that it was a complete joke – same old, same old: Divide and conquer, union-busting nonsense. I understand that offer was ripped in half at a meeting. I’m not quite sure where we are at the moment, but from what we’re getting, it appears that Coke is once again not going to play fair. Will that mean another lock out? As you recall, we didn’t actually strike last time; Coke erected fences and locked workers out. Oh sure, they CALLED it a strike, to anyone who would listen, but the simple fact of the matter is that it was a lockout, and an attempt to bring the employees of Brampton more in line with the American ways of doing things (read: no job security, lower paid jobs, contracting out or hiring part timers so no benefits or pension funds need be paid out, etc.) That just doesn’t fly in Canada. We are hard-working people, and we will not allow ourselves to be screwed.

Don’t quite recall how things went last time? Here’s a link to all of those posts that should bring you up to speed: – it’ll open up in a new tab for your reading pleasure.

So the long and short of it is, as it stands now, we’re likely looking at some sort of work stoppage. Lockout or strike? Guess we’ll find out next week, on June 10th.

Once again, the unionized employees of Brampton and everyone who supports them, will be forced to fight for fair treatment.

We’re not asking for the moon – we never have. We’re not asking for unreasonable wage hikes – just normal cost of living. Essentially, we’d really like things to just stay in line with what we’ve already fought hard for.

Keep it fair, Coke. Remember that these are men and women with families. Good people. And please, lets try not to throw untruths or misrepresentations around again this time, ok? That’s just sad. You have a great workforce that you should be happy to support, not try to screw over at any given moment. Let’s be Canadian about this, shall we?

Good luck everyone. Keep it civil please.