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Guest Post: ShaMoo

ShaMoo is back! ShaMoo is back! My lovely friend has been AWOL for a long time from not only our Sensational Haiku Wednesdays, but our joint project with J-B at Brain Fart as well. If I didn’t have contact with her in other ways, and know and how busy she’s been, I would have been […]

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The Monsters I have created

Oh it has been a busy, busy few weeks, let me tell you. No really, let me tell you. Back in March, I set up a blog for the Main Street-ers to collaborate on. They’d been hanging around here for a while at that point, submitting haiku faithfully every Wednesday, and generally doing it just […]

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It’s the Little Things

It really takes so little to make me happy. Really and truly. Impromptu tickle fests with my sleepy-eyed kids on my giant king-size bed, a quiet moment with my husband, singing with my friends… little things. I don’t need extravagant gifts, flowers, accolades or awards. I don’t need people pounding me on the back for […]

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