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I’m all about…

…telling it like it is. Is that a good thing, I wonder? My family and friends certainly know where they stand with me, but sometimes I think maybe I’m too much of an open book. Is a little mystery a good thing? “Familiarity breeds contempt” crosses my mind. I’m pretty sure those closest to me […]

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Special: An Interview with… Main Street

This third installment of the “Interview With…” series is all about three of the most important people in my life; ShaMoo, J-B, and Knarf. Together, the four of us make up the group Main Street. L-R: Jenn (me), Knarf (Frank), J-B (John), and ShaMoo. Photography by Leah Kirin I’ve known these characters for about 5 […]

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Guest Post: HHT – Dude, you’re bleeding…

A few weeks ago, Jenn asked me to do this particular guest post as she had spent the day babysitting Little Bit while Frank #2 was having surgery. Just a disclaimer folks… this post is a bit of a downer. I tried to jazz it up, but it hits a little too close to home […]

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