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Contract passed – back to work, Coke Brampton!

Good news from Mike Eagan, Vice President Local 973, via Facebook last evening:   “Collective agreement ratified 77% in favour including the skilled trades vote. See you all at work” It was actually a really poor turnout for voting, and I’m rather shocked by that. This was important, and just slightly more than half of […]

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So, Coke Brampton… what’s it going to be?

We’re there again, in contract negotiations between the union and Coca Cola. Thing is, for a while now, they’ve been telling clients calling in for orders that we’re “definitely going to be on strike”, so they should “stock up”. I guess we know what the company is planning. The last I heard about what they’re […]

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Coca Cola Brampton Lock Out/Strike Continues

Not surprising; the Coca Cola negotiation team all spent the long weekend with their own families while our families were fragmented as workers manned the picket lines. That’s ok though! They were where they needed to be. You see, we’re not doing this so we can get rich, live in multi-million dollar homes, and enjoy […]

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