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For my dear American friends, fearing a Trump win…

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 05•16

For my American friends fearing a Trump win (never happen, but there’s always that ugly threat…), there are things you need to know before the mass exodus to Canada.

Ignore the flagrant use of “EH”; it’s offensive. Also the simpletons dotted hither and yon in the video wearing stupid hats. We are edumacated for the most part, although I must say that there is still a serious lack of education on the uses of “your, you’re, there, their, and they’re…”.

I also say “couch” and never “Chesterfield”… or sofa. It’s a regional thing, much like the goofy accent you’ll hear on some of the video.

The pothead cyclists with the munchies in BC are accurate.

Sadly, the House Hippo is only a beloved legend, and as much as I would love to have one, it is unlikely I ever will. Much like the pony I asked for my whole childhood.

Also, while not covered in the video, it is important to note that the entry to your house is a foyer, which is pronounced “foy-YAY”, not “foy-ER”, which drives me around the bend.

Prepare to love the “u” in many words, which for some reason you folks decided was superfluous at some point. Colour, Neighbour, Labour, Flavour… Learn it. Love it.

Our Prime Minister really is that hot. And he is as genuinely good as he looks.

We welcome and celebrate diversity (well, except those who would follow the Harper-era Conservative ways, which vaguely echo the Republican way, only with far less guns and paranoia.), and that includes the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and yes, even people who wear socks with sandals.

Welcome to Canada. Eh.


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  1. I’m proud to be Canadian, too, though I’ve lived in the UK most of my life. I guess those who jeer at Canadians have a big ol’ chip on their shoulders… Says heaps about them I’d say. My wonderful dad was Canadian.