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“Sam in my pants”? NO THANK YOU.

By now I’m sure you’ve probably seen the Poise commercial that has a woman – a mother – in a PTA meeting or some such, talking about “Sam”. How “Sam knows how to treat a woman”, and how she has “Sam in her pants right now”. I’m not going to link to that video on […]

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Legalize Marijuana. Yes, I’m serious.

Let me be clear about this; I support legalizing marijuana in Canada. I’m getting really tired of the smear campaign against Justin Trudeau. (Reference: Search for Justin Trudeau Attack Ads). The tired Conservative government (read “Steven Harper”) is fixated on trashing a man who, in my opinion, is the future of Canada. They’re trying to […]

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Social media, social spam

I’ve got a new pet peeve; “Trending” on Facebook. I suppose in their bid to take over the world, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg figure that adding #hashtags and “Trending” topics will keep them more useful and relevant for the masses. Only… I really hate dislike it. I don’t tend to use hashtags on Facebook, unless […]

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