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Oooh, Kraft.

Earlier today I read an article by Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out (TWO). In it, he pokes fun at the tiny group who call themselves the “One Million Moms”. We’ve heard about these dodos before – they boycotted JC Penny when they opened their arms to Ellen Degeneres, an openly gay entertainer, as a […]

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Definitely. That is all.

If you learn anything today, learn that there is no “a” in the word “definitely”. As you were.  

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Do not call!

You know, I’ve ranted about unsolicited advertising before. There are people that I would never do business with, and those include people who stoop to doing things like putting ads under my windshield wiper in a parking lot, stuffing my mailbox with junk mail – or worse, door to door salesmen who, when I don’t […]

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