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Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays?

Reprinted from a post I did on Polite Canada. I came across a great haiku submission for our “Sensational Haiku Wednesday” meme today, and thought I’d put my 2ยข into the mix. The Teen and I were discussing the “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” politically correct nonsense just yesterday. Depending on where we would go […]

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Dear Bloggers

Oh my dear blog friends, I know I have harped and harped on this subject until I’m blue (or at least somewhat red) in the face, and for the past couple of years, but it’s doing very little good so far. So I should probably just shut up about it, right? Well, as I suspect […]

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Drat, drat, drat!!

Drat, drat and DOUBLE DRAT!! Sorry for posting a way-in-advance haiku earlier! Don’t read it!!! :) I hate that the rss feed is so instant, because it was published for literally 3 seconds before I caught it! Anyone know of a way to prevent the RSS feed from being that instant? I’d LOVE to hear […]

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