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Things that bug me.

There are things in this world that bug me. Actually, there are also things that seriously annoy me, and things that drive me completely around the bend. Being the passionate lass that I am, there are fewer “bug me” than “around the bend” on my list, but that’s another story altogether. I digress. Alarm clocks. […]

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Well that was a bit of a naughty come-hither title, wasn’t it? Sorry to disappoint, but I’m talking about posture today. (Oh, and before I get going on this, I just want to assure people that I am not pregnant. Really, I’m not. I didn’t cheat on my husband, either. It was an April Fools […]

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I’m ok, and also not a racist.

You know, it’s been a pretty rough week. Monday was emotional, Tuesday somewhat less so. Wednesday was ridiculous (and the reason I was late visiting my haiku buddies!) I felt very close to the breaking point on more than one occasion, and yet the lousy stuff just kept getting piled on. Turns out I was […]

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