You know… that Blog?

A cast of players…

I’ve been asked a lot recently about who the folks I talk about on my blog actually are. I’m sure some of you wonder what the heck I’m up to sometimes, too. It can get a bit tedious (for you as well as me) to explain relationships every time I mention someone, so to that […]

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of Friends and Farces

Recently I organized a fundraiser for our larger choral group, which took place last night. That I didn’t have a camera on me will forever have me mentally kicking myself!! I haven’t put together too many fundraisers before, all by my lonesome. Ok, I confess; this was the first one. The opportunity just hadn’t presented […]

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[New feature!] An Interview with… Thom

Along this journey of mine, in getting to know you all I’ve discovered that my readers and friends have more depth to them than a simple comment now and then can portray. This inspires me to delve deeper, and to that end I’ve decided to introduce a new “an Interview With…” feature. Let me know […]

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