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Gah, she got me!

Broot, my Kiwi soul-sister from Craving a Little Perspective honoured me with this Versatile Blogger award a few days ago – thanks Broot! Awards are a nice way to show folks you appreciate them, don’t you think? Certainly made me smile, even though it comes with a little bit of work if you choose to […]

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Whoah!! I was Blog of the Week… and didn’t know!

So… today I was catching up on my reading, and came across this little gem: I was blog of the week (last week!) !! I have to apologize profusely to Amanda at – she emailed me with the notification that she’d made me her BOTW (Blog of the Week) on Nov 25… but I […]

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Blogsmacking good!

The love-fest continues! JennyMac, mentioned a couple posts ago when I passed on the friendship award to her, has an award of her own to hand out that I’m a very lucky recipient of, and she’s also passing another one as well! Colour me honoured! The first award is JennyMac’s own creation: And with this […]

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