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Chasing tail

Sorry for the vampy title, but it seemed appropriate. I have a mental image of the Hubby running down the road, half dressed, at 3am this morning, trying to catch the cat. The black cat, who decided to take a stroll when he groggily let Sadie outside for an emergency trip to the potty. Mental […]

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12 Things I Learned in 2012

Last year I did an “11 Things I Leaned in 2011“, and I think I’ll continue that and make it an annual post. The only trouble is, when I sat down to write this post, I couldn’t come up with too much right off the bat, and it took me quite a while to flesh […]

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We have the plague

It appears that the plague – more likely the flu – has decided on a return engagement to our household. I’m not overjoyed, friends. Wee One came home on Thursday with a fever and feeling very lethargic. Children’s Tylenol and early to bed, and she seemed to be ok the next morning. Off to school […]

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