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Chasing tail

Written By: Jenn - Feb• 25•13

Sorry for the vampy title, but it seemed appropriate.

I have a mental image of the Hubby running down the road, half dressed, at 3am this morning, trying to catch the cat. The black cat, who decided to take a stroll when he groggily let Sadie outside for an emergency trip to the potty. Mental image only, because I was blissfully asleep, unaware of the drama unfurling outside my house.

Apparently she led him a merry chase for about a half hour (at least it seemed that long to him I assume, half dressed in the winter temperatures) before allowing him to catch her.


She’s really not enjoying being a house cat, our Boo. I’m going to have to start taking her to my parent’s place for a few hours now and then, once spring arrives.


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  1. Betty says:

    Awe, poor baby. That must be hard, being used to strolling around outside, to being an inside cat. Poor baby. :)

  2. carma says:

    it is always best to find out about this type of thing after it is over – as opposed to you having to run outside at 3 AM too. I have a feeling that is the approach my husband would have taken :D Glad to hear there was a happy ending.