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Generation canyon

Last year when we bought our as-yet-un-moved-into house, we meet a couple future neighbours-around-the-corner that we really hit it off with. “He” is our age, and he and the hubby instantly got along well. Really well, which was fabulous. “She”, on the other hand, was in her 20s. It really didn’t seem to matter though, […]

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You’ve left me, haven’t you…

I don’t blame you. I’ve been a dodgy blogger for a while now. Except for my weekly Sensational Haiku, I post almost nothing at all! Yep, I’m busy. So are you though, and most of you manage to publish a few thoughts now and then. I think my last “real” post said something about doing […]

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Drab posts does not a drab life make. Or does it?

“What!? Jenn posted! And it’s not a haiku!” Yeah, I know. I’ve been posting nothing but haiku for the longest time, with one or two weak posts mixed in just because I felt so guilty that I wasn’t “keeping up my end” of things as a blogger. Ok, “guilty” may be too strong a word. […]

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