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Feedly sucks. What do you use?

I’m really mourning the loss of the iGoogle widget I used to use for following blogs. It was one of my 3 homepages (pages that load as soon as I open my browser), and now I don’t bother because there’s nothing valuable left to see for those widgets, and iGoogle is going away as of […]

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A Letter To My Daughters; Men

My Darling Daughters, Me again. Let’s talk about men. Men: Wow, this is a huge subject, isn’t it? I’ve always found it easier to be around men than women, frankly. Men don’t suffer too many mood swings, get catty, or hold grudges. They react, and it’s done. You generally know where you stand with them! […]

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Chasing tail

Sorry for the vampy title, but it seemed appropriate. I have a mental image of the Hubby running down the road, half dressed, at 3am this morning, trying to catch the cat. The black cat, who decided to take a stroll when he groggily let Sadie outside for an emergency trip to the potty. Mental […]

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