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What a week!

This has been the strangest week for me. It started off as a continuation of the wretched one I had last week, and then just climbed steadily out of the darkness and up from there. I’m in such a good place now, and very much hoping that life will be somewhat boring for the foreseeable […]

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Driven to blog

I have this friend who is going through a breakup and pending divorce… “finally” is all I can say about that. It’s been messy, and somewhat ugly, but her friends have been virtually high 5-ing her since the decision was made. Let’s just say she was sucked in by a no-goodnik, and leave it at […]

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Things that make me happy

There are things in this life that make me happy, and there are people in my life that bring me such joy. It’s not the monumental events and grandiose gestures that mean the most though… it’s the little things. Like when Wee One puts her arms around me and says “You’re so beautiful, Mom”, even […]

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