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Guest Post: Scholastic Scribe

Gotta say, I’m really enjoying my GPM (Guest Post Mondays) series. At first (I admit it) it started out as a rather lazy way to keep my blog fresh and moving along without actually having to use up too many of my remaining brain cells, but I’m really enjoying the eclectic mix of people who […]

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Guest Post: Sherry

Growing up in Calgary I had a small group of really great friends. One of my best friends was Sherry – we did everything together; shared our darkest secrets, swooned over REO Speedwagon and Duran Duran songs, wore matching neon “Frankie say Relax” t-shirts, and spent every available moment on horseback in the foothills. We […]

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Guest Post: ShaMoo

ShaMoo is back! ShaMoo is back! My lovely friend has been AWOL for a long time from not only our Sensational Haiku Wednesdays, but our joint project with J-B at Brain Fart as well. If I didn’t have contact with her in other ways, and know and how busy she’s been, I would have been […]

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