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You’re never *truly* alone…

That is, unless you want to be. I could not for the life of me get to sleep last night. I almost made it shortly after midnight, but something jerked my mind awake, and that was it for me. I laid there listening to the Hubby breathe for close to 2 hours before I gave […]

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For Thom

Just visited Google+ for the first time in a week or so (it’s just not catching on for me as well as Facebook. yet) and all I saw was post after post about TV shows, all by my buddy Thom. And… suddenly I was thinking in Limerick. Unusual for me given that I normally think […]

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Such a good day!

I’m having a great day, despite being exhausted from not sleeping well last night. Yesterday the Hubby and I spent the day together and did some cross-border shopping in New York (state, not City). Didn’t buy much, but it was very nice to wander around and spend the time together. When we got home, I […]

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