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Guest Post: Doodle Cakes

Move over, Cake Boss, there’s a new Sheriff in town. We all know at least one person who doesn’t realize just how fabulous she is, and Doodle Cakes is that, in spades. An artist extraordinaire, she continues to outdo herself with each delectable creation. Where Carlos (of Cake Boss fame) leads an entire team, Doodle […]

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Guest Post: Thom

Today I’m terrified horrified …oh no, I can’t say that so very honoured to present a guest post by the extremely sarcastic the utterly irrepressible scary as all get-out my great friend Thom, of Thoms place for well, whatever. I’ve known Thom for a while now, and while I’m not allowed to ruin his acerbic […]

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Gah, she got me!

Broot, my Kiwi soul-sister from Craving a Little Perspective honoured me with this Versatile Blogger award a few days ago – thanks Broot! Awards are a nice way to show folks you appreciate them, don’t you think? Certainly made me smile, even though it comes with a little bit of work if you choose to […]

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