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Have you ever had someone that you care about disappoint you so grossly, that there was just no way to fix it? I hope not, for your sake, but it happened for me, and for people that I love not too long ago. It wasn’t unexpected. I wasn’t shocked. As far as I was concerned, […]

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Crazy week

I had another post all written out, but I’ve reconsidered posting it, for various reasons. Don’t need to go there! This has been a very crazy week for me! On Friday, ShaMoo, J-B and I had the most amazing time at fellow-musician-and-great-friend Paul’s place. What did we do? Well, we drank, we laughed, and we […]

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Disturbing dreams

Yesterday I took a “Me” day, and spent a lot of quality time reading a novel I picked up at Costco last week; Nick Sparks’ Safe Haven. I love Nick Sparks, he writes with such sensitivity and flare. This isn’t a book review – suffice it to say that anything the man writes is golden. […]

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