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Crazy week

Written By: Jenn - Oct• 12•10

I had another post all written out, but I’ve reconsidered posting it, for various reasons. Don’t need to go there!

This has been a very crazy week for me!

On Friday, ShaMoo, J-B and I had the most amazing time at fellow-musician-and-great-friend Paul’s place. What did we do? Well, we drank, we laughed, and we sang our butts off!!! It was the most fun we’ve had in… well, I don’t even remember how long! We’re still grinning from it! And ShaMoo? Well, our girl knocked our socks off with a rendition of “Sweet Child” – wow, the pipes that girl has! Holy smokes!! Talk about impressive! J-B rocked us with his fabulous voice on “Amazed”. I just love to hear him sing that – he’s fabulous. I did Beth (by KISS) and I think next time we’ll have a few more songs prepared so we can really rock the joint.

Paul and his buddies were a delight to hang out with – so much fun! During our breaks we strolled out to his back deck to sit under the stars, with candles strewn about to light our way. It was a magical evening. We cannot WAIT to do it again! SOOOOO much fun!!

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada – on Saturday, Wee One and I went over to ShaMoo’s house, and she taught me how to make Ukrainian crepes… I’ll see if she’s willing to post the recipe over on Brain Fart – I hope so, because they made me a rock star with my family when we had our turkey dinner last night. SOOOO yummy!! And easy to make! AND you can freeze them and just take out how many you need… oh my… I’m drooling again.

Sunday I spent some time in the driveway shooting hoops, playing catch, and watching Wee One roar around on her bike (it’s a big driveway) – what a beautiful sunny autumn day it was! A really lovely day.

Yesterday I picked up ShaMoo and we met J-B for coffee and hugs in the morning – sitting in the sun outside at Starbucks. I love my best friends! There are simply none better. We had some talking to do, and planning. The end result is that we have a lot to look forward to! I’m very happy and content with the way our future looks. We might be changing things up a bit in regards to the kind of music we tackle, and the places we sing. I’m pretty excited about that! Change is good, and healthy.

Spent a lovely evening with my family, including my little brother and his sweetheart of a girlfriend. Everyone raved about ShaMoo’s crepes, which I was only too happy to take full credit for ;) Well, she did make me do them – mostly…

Today I have a pile of work to do, and then Main Street has a rehearsal at 5, followed by another rehearsal for our other group at 7:30! Busy day!

My friends… I hope you have a wonderful day. I fully intend to! SO looking forward to 2 exciting rehearsals this evening, and a concert on the weekend. Happy days!

Got your haiku ready for tomorrow? ShaMoo chose the subject for this week… SHOES! She says “you’re welcome” to the ladies. ;)


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  1. I bet life is truly better when there’s a lot of singing going on. I’ve never considered myself a singer and nobody else does either, I guarantee, but it would be wonderful to sing in a choir. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Thom says:

    Well so that’s why you haven’t been chatting away hmmm? LOL Boy you have been busy. Ummm okay what about us men that do the haiku’s? Is this some form of discrimination? I’m crushed pffft. But oh well, be it as it may mine of course has been ready since last week. It’s odd as you will see but I like it :) I’m still waiting for my crepes…pffft…Oh the joys of an unfilled stomach….MWAH!!!

  3. ShaMoo says:

    SO glad the crepes were well received!! They are little bites of heaven, eh??

    Certainly has been a crazy couple of days but as you said, change is good :).