You know… that Blog?

A cast of players…

I’ve been asked a lot recently about who the folks I talk about on my blog actually are. I’m sure some of you wonder what the heck I’m up to sometimes, too. It can get a bit tedious (for you as well as me) to explain relationships every time I mention someone, so to that […]

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Protect the popcorn!

The Teen and I had a Mother-Daughter evening out, just the two of us, in celebration (ok, I was celebrating, she wasn’t) her return to high school tomorrow. Sing it with me now: It’s the Most WONDERFUL Time… of the year!!! Anyway. Because she was away almost the whole summer, she had not yet seen […]

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Scared Mom = Furious Mom

The Teen knows she must call every few days, except when she’s out on the ships. She knows this. She went to summer training in Nova Scotia with not one, but *three* calling cards. She agreed to call home, and call her grandmother, at least twice a week to touch base with us. This is […]

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