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Scared Mom = Furious Mom

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 11•09

The Teen knows she must call every few days, except when she’s out on the ships. She knows this. She went to summer training in Nova Scotia with not one, but *three* calling cards. She agreed to call home, and call her grandmother, at least twice a week to touch base with us. This is what we do in our family. No question.

So the last time I spoke to her was last Sunday. Last. Sunday. It is now Tuesday. T.U.E.S.D.A.Y. Tuesday of the following week!

Every day I get “has she called yet?” and “have you heard from her yet?” from my mother. The fact that I am aware that if something had happened to her, I would have heard instantly (not to mention felt-it-in-my-soul instantly) means nothing, because until I hear from her, the things running through my head are not pretty. Not pretty at all.

I’m not so much scared as I am worried, when my normally very level headed and considerate oldest child pulls something like this (yes, happened last summer too). I’m not someone who panics. I get stressed out, but I never panic. I’m worried that something earth shattering has occurred, and while she’s physically fine, she’s in a mess emotionally, and can’t bring herself to get to the phone. She can’t think in terms of how Mom is feeling, only that she’s miserable. I’m worried about her emotional state.

I shouldn’t have been.

So I get the call about 45 mins ago. The second I see the calling card number come up, I’m instantly seething. Since I know, in this split second, that she’s ok, I’m now so over my stress and worry, and I’m simply pissed off. But you know what? I took a deep breath, let it ring once more as I collected myself, and then answered with a simple “Oh. My. God. Well, how nice of you to call home, dear daughter of mine.”

I won’t detail the call, but she spent the first 3 minutes apologizing, sort of, when you could tell she was only slightly nervous about my reaction and just wanted to get past it. She knew, like the proverbial puppy who peed on the floor, what my reaction was going to be and that she’d done something baaaaaaad. She also knew that I’d get over it fairly quickly, and it would be ok.

Choking down my righteous anger, forcing myself to realize that all was fine, and it wasn’t that-big-a-deal-I-guess, was really tough. I’m Irish – I need to freak out sometimes, it’s in the genes for pete’s sake.

I’m still pretty mad, but this post is helping me deal with it and get past it. Blogging is cathartic.

All that matters is that she’s ok, and having a fabulous time. The Newfanese accent she’s picked up? Disturbing, but this too shall pass. She promised twice to call me again on Friday. THIS Friday. Best of all, she’ll be home in a week and a half, and I’ll get to hold her in my arms again, if only for a minute until she wiggles free and is off to text everyone else she knows because… well, she missed them sooooo much!


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  1. Shannanigans says:

    that was so my mom when I was a teen. Even now she worries constantly. I understand it more now than I did when I was younger. Back then I just thought she was being unreasonable and mean, now I understand that she had images of me in a ditch somewhere if I didnt check in every hour.
    .-= Shannanigans´s last blog ..Random Stuff =-.

  2. I am so not looking forward to my girls’ teenage years. Not at all. I worry about them so much even if only I am going to be away from them for a few hours. The thought of them actually going a trip far away without me freaks me out to no end. I guess it is true what our mothers tell us: You just can’t understand until you are a mom.

    I am glad she finally called you and that she was alright!
    .-= Jessica @ Mental Vomit´s last blog ..Project 365 [Day 19] =-.

  3. Oh, sing it, sister! My two teens have made the top of my head explode so many times with the lack of calling. It used to sound so funny to me, but not any more: “I’m so glad you’re OK — now I’m going to kill you.”
    .-= Liz in Virginia´s last blog ..It’s just not right! =-.

  4. Roeshel says:

    Oh yes…I feel your anger/pain/frustration. Mother of 2 girls myself. (20 and 16). The drama is exhausting as well. I’m glad she’s okay. :)

    I’m new to your blog and enjoying yours posts. It’s so nice to “meet” you!

    Have a fabulous week!
    .-= Roeshel´s last blog ..Mosaic Monday: A BBQ/Baby Shower =-.

  5. Ebie says:

    Hi, Jenn, that’s a normal reaction, we moms, get so worried and scared. I am glad everything is fine.
    .-= Ebie´s last blog ..Caution: Hot Creek Geological Site =-.

  6. ShaMoo says:

    Awww, you’re such a good mom for not spazzing on her!! My mom would have rocked the silent treatment for months!! I’m glad she called and, boy oh boy, may God have mercy on her if she doesn’t make your phone ring this Friday!! LOL….

  7. It’s funny how fear can quickly turn into anger when we realize that our charges are healthy and well…
    .-= Iva @ HorizontalYoYo´s last blog ..Silly Haiku Wednesday – Friends =-.