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Recording Studio tracks to share!

Yesterday I shared a song that we recorded at our first Studio session last week. I have to tell you, that night was one of the best ever. Definitely an item that we could all cross off of our collective bucket list! ShaMoo, Knarf, John-Boy and I sang our hearts out and had a wonderful […]

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Wee One is a ROCK STAR!

Wee One is my quiet, introspective child. Truth be told, she has a shyness issue, and new people and situations scare the bejeebers out of her. We’re working on it, and she has come a long way since last year. But at home where it’s safe… my quiet child becomes a ROCK STAR! A couple […]

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I’m an addict

My name is Jenn, and… I’m an addict. It’s pretty serious. Not quite sure what to do. I mean… the fact that it’s going to be another several days before the group gets together to rehearse again is making me positively weak with frustration! What’s wrong with me? Surely I have a life, and can […]

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