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Sneak peek, and Weekend Funnies

For the next installment on my “An Interview With…” series, I’m featuring a very very special… Group. Look for that on Sunday, March 21st. This interview will reveal a few things about me in their words… ACK, and about these 3 very special people in my life. I am very excited about this interview, and […]

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For JennyMac, et al

Not quite a month ago, I wrote about something going a bit awry with our larger choral group. One of the Basses had decided to pull something rather nasty, which caused quite an uproar. (Things are better now, and we’re working on new material for our June concert.) When I mentioned that they’d be singing […]

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Fight fire with fire

Something unsavory has been going on in our larger choral group that we sing with lately. We are a great group of about 55 voices. Strangely enough, out of that nice number, only 5 are tenors (including John-Boy), and out of that 5, only 4 are men (um, also including J-B!). That leaves, of course, […]

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