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Dear Teen and Wee One

My darling daughters, As I write this I’m hiding with my laptop in my bedroom, door locked, and lights off. Considering retreating even further… perhaps into the closet, but not yet. The quiet beyond my sanctuary is deceptive, and I’m positive you’re both beginning to realize I’m not there, and wonder where I am. Very […]

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For the nerds…

For the boys who want to make snowflakes but can’t stand the thought of them being pretty. For anyone who has the complete boxed set of Star Wars movies. For ShaMoo… the biggest Star Wars nerd I know (although hubby Schmenkman and son Frank #1 come close…) I present to you… Star Wars Snow Flakes. […]

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What are you giving your kids?

I’m going to do a bit of a rant here, even though I’m usually very upbeat and avoid going on and on about things that bother me… oh, who am I trying to kid! You know me better than that by now. I’m going to rant again. Just read it. Who among my readers drinks […]

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