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Dear Teen and Wee One

Written By: Jenn - Jan• 02•11

My darling daughters,

As I write this I’m hiding with my laptop in my bedroom, door locked, and lights off. Considering retreating even further… perhaps into the closet, but not yet. The quiet beyond my sanctuary is deceptive, and I’m positive you’re both beginning to realize I’m not there, and wonder where I am. Very soon the hunt will begin.

For 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays and into the new year you have been my constant companions. You’ve treated me to a symphony of questions, impromptu concerts (thanks, Teen, for showing Wee One how to plug that mic into your guitar amp.), audiences whilst I showered or spent any time whatsoever in the bathroom, and a general cacophony of sound that rivals any public institution during a riot. You’ve proven how talented you are as actresses in how quickly you change moods! Highs and lows on a seemingly momentary basis have kept me guessing (and hopping), and all the while, my work hasn’t gone away, or changed at all. Usually I’m able to get that work done during my hours of quiet during the day, but of course that hasn’t been the case. We’ve spent an entire year together, this past 2 weeks.

Let me preface the next declaration with these facts; I love and adore you both, immeasurably. You are the apples of my eye (eyes?). You are the dimples in my cheeks, and the glow on my face. I would give my life for either of you, in a heart beat. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you both safe.

So you’ll understand and forgive me when I say, simply… please, please leave me alone.

I’ve developed an eye twitch. My patience levels are at an all-time low. I feel a great need to open a bottle of wine, and not share. All this will go away once Monday, in all it’s glory and radiance, arrives! Mommy will lose the wild look in her eyes! Mommy will once again smile when she hears you call for her. Well, that might not happen until Tuesday, but I have confidence.

I’m sure your teachers miss you both. I look forward to experiencing the same.

All My Love,


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  1. quilly says:

    This cracked me up. did you get the entire thing written without an interruption?

  2. Thom says:

    BWAHAHAHA!!! No More Wire Hangers!!!

  3. jazzbumpa says:

    Deep breath, Jenn.

    And share the wine!

    (But not with the kids.)


  4. annie says:

    I totally remember those days…the countdown til school was back in session.

    It makes me smile thinking of my “rollercoaster” moods when I was their age. My poor parents. It sounds as if their acting was good enough that they could quite possibly be nominated for an Oscar. ;)

    My sympathy. But you’re a lucky girl.

    Hope all is well. Have a blessed year. Huggs.

  5. Into the closet? Is there something you need to declare in this new year? ;)
    But yes, sometimes a mom just needs to hear the sound of her own thoughts and NOTHING ELSE. It’s a rare event, hearing myself think.

  6. Betty says:

    It´s Tuesday now, so I hope you´ve recovered well. :) I remember those days well!

  7. I’m looking into a mirror here. Counting the days ’til next Monday where school begins. LOL Hope you are doing well, Jenn. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. Oh how I sympathise!!

    I remember the torn hair
    I remember hunting high and low for that lost temper
    I remember the “I can’t sleep” at the start of the favourite TV program


    My little baby goes off to university in a few months time.

    I will remember with longing then

    You will be amazed how quickly it comes round!

    Hope you find some peace