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My way of saying “Thanks”!

I spent some time putting together a comment appreciation image today, and thought I’d also mention where I “stole” the images from. See my next post for the image I’m talking about! Some are obvious – others you may just need to search for! I think I’ll try to do this every few months, as […]

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At the risk of becoming a blog all about cake, I just had to show you yet another fantastic creation by our very own Doodle Cakes. I may as well make her our honorary cake artist at this point, don’t you agree? My waistline and blog posts attest to the fact that she is one […]

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Guinea Pig Cake

Doodle Cakes has outdone herself yet again – check out the cake she designed for her daughter’s 12th birthday! (I modified to take her daughter’s name off the board, because that’s how I roll, folks…) Doodle’s daughter – whom shall henceforth be known as Doodlette – has 2 darling guinea pigs, and is an artist […]

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