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Awesome Recipe

ShaMoo sent me a link to an awesome blog this evening – and the very last post she made was for “Baked Potato Soup”. This I’ve got to try! YUM! I’ve added her to my “Blogs that I follow” list. I just adore finding good crock pot recipes! The contest is moving along – check […]

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Fine. I’ll talk about something else.

My so-called fans didn’t much like my sweet potato/yam post it appears. Hrm. Maybe it was too ejumacational for them? Or perhaps, just maybe… they just like to poke the bear. I have long suspected it of Doodle Cakes (Jenny indeed!) but ShaMoo? A closet bear poker. So it wasn’t my usual kind of blog […]

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Yams are NOT Sweet Potatoes!

This has annoyed me for years. Really, it has! When I saw recently in a Top (hint hint) US supermarket that they had yams and sweet potatoes – but that they were both marked as the other – I just about had a bird. [Edit March 2011: I’m getting tons of Google traffic for this […]

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