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Lookie what I found as I was going through my reading list this morning! Is that not an adorable idea?! I totally have to try that. The thing I like about Bakerella’s creations is that they’re usually so easy even *I* could do it. Remember the burgers?! Keeps me coming back time after time. So […]

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My friends are the BEST

ShaMoo and Doodle Cake and I got together with our kids today – the first time in 2 weeks – and I got the most wonderful surprise when we arrived at the park! Without a doubt, the best belated-birthday present I’ve ever had. Aren’t I the luckiest friend ever?! Isn’t it amazing?? I should have […]

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Review: Jersey Boys

As you know, my birthday anniversary was last week, and one of the gifts I received from my folks was tickets to see the Jersey Boys in Toronto, on July 28th. We were very much looking forward to a great meal at Moxie’s (our favourite chain restaurant) and an amazing show. Moxie’s was… disappointing. I […]

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