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Drab posts does not a drab life make. Or does it?

“What!? Jenn posted! And it’s not a haiku!” Yeah, I know. I’ve been posting nothing but haiku for the longest time, with one or two weak posts mixed in just because I felt so guilty that I wasn’t “keeping up my end” of things as a blogger. Ok, “guilty” may be too strong a word. […]

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Sometimes, things just don’t work out

I have a habit of taking on more than I can reasonably handle. See, I get all of these grand/grandiose ideas, and throw myself into them whole-hog. This is what I thrive on! But… while I work best under pressure, it isn’t too long before I figure out that I’ve over-extended myself, and I don’t […]

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12 Things I want to Learn in 2012

To go along with yesterday’s post about what I learned in 2011, I thought I’d look ahead and make a list of what I’d like to learn this year. Since I’m going without first making that list, I sure hope I can come up with 12 things..! I want to learn… 1. To crochet. Moreover, […]

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