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January, and all is… well, it’s January.

Well hello there! Yes, I know it’s been a long time. Yes, yes, I’m sorry about that. I just fizzled out, and the last few months have been rough. Yes, I’m ok, thanks for asking. No, really, I’m fine, it’s just been a non-blogworthy few months is all. So how have you been? It’s been […]

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Jumping back into the fire

Last year was a rough one for my blog. I’ve been at this for a few years now, and for whatever reason, I hit a mental wall and it stopped me from writing in here. It became a chore, and, like most people, chores are not something I enjoy. For a long time I completely […]

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Home stretch

Hey…! 27 days and counting, until we finally get the keys to our new house. I’m of mixed emotions about this place, to be honest. We have been pushed back so many times that the excitement was lost months ago. We were supposed to be in last December, just before Christmas, and they didn’t even […]

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