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For the nerds…

For the boys who want to make snowflakes but can’t stand the thought of them being pretty. For anyone who has the complete boxed set of Star Wars movies. For ShaMoo… the biggest Star Wars nerd I know (although hubby Schmenkman and son Frank #1 come close…) I present to you… Star Wars Snow Flakes. […]

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Gah! I’m hit! I’m hit!

Thom, that scoundrel, tagged me. He’s always threatening to bite me (or was that asking me to bite him? I forget), and I guess this is the cyber form?? Not quite sure about that, I think it’ll take further consideration. It’s easy though; I am to answer only 8 questions and then tag 8 other […]

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In love, after all these years…

I’m in love. I know; at 42, almost 43 (July 22 – mark your calendars) I’m a bit long in the tooth to be experiencing love like this. Sometimes it just hits you though, out of the blue. I certainly didn’t plan it – definitely didn’t go looking for it. I mean, why would I? […]

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