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For my dear American friends, fearing a Trump win…

For my American friends fearing a Trump win (never happen, but there’s always that ugly threat…), there are things you need to know before the mass exodus to Canada. Ignore the flagrant use of “EH”; it’s offensive. Also the simpletons dotted hither and yon in the video wearing stupid hats. We are edumacated for the […]

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Oooh, Kraft.

Earlier today I read an article by Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out (TWO). In it, he pokes fun at the tiny group who call themselves the “One Million Moms”. We’ve heard about these dodos before – they boycotted JC Penny when they opened their arms to Ellen Degeneres, an openly gay entertainer, as a […]

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Chasing tail

Sorry for the vampy title, but it seemed appropriate. I have a mental image of the Hubby running down the road, half dressed, at 3am this morning, trying to catch the cat. The black cat, who decided to take a stroll when he groggily let Sadie outside for an emergency trip to the potty. Mental […]

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