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I’m an addict

My name is Jenn, and… I’m an addict. It’s pretty serious. Not quite sure what to do. I mean… the fact that it’s going to be another several days before the group gets together to rehearse again is making me positively weak with frustration! What’s wrong with me? Surely I have a life, and can […]

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Happy, sad… sad, happy…

I had been waiting to talk about our concert on the 12th until I had some of the recordings to share with you – it went so well, and we’ve been asked to come back again next year. We were high on adrenaline for days after, and continue to get terrific feedback even now. So […]

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Happiness. I has it.

Yeah, I know… I was channeling the Icanhascheezburger cat. There are things in this life that make me happy. My gorgeous daughters. My wonderful husband of 18+ years. (Some) family, and of course, my fabulous friends. Certainly all of those things and more make me happy. But singing… singing fulfills me in ways unlike anything […]

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