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Detonation averted

I had a checkup appointment with the Lasik MD clinic today. We’re at just over 3 months now since I had PRK Laser eye surgery, can you believe it? What a ride it has been so far. The first week was pure, unadulterated hell, and I was in agony. The weeks after were a nightmare […]

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Latest in the Continuing Eye Saga…

I’m going to whine, so be warned. Yesterday I had my 2 month checkup at the Lasik MD clinic where I had PRK laser surgery in February. You all know by now that it hasn’t been going all that well, so I was pretty ticked off walking in there. At the front desk as I […]

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Reinventing Jenn

A while ago I decided that 2010 was going to be MY year. I was tired of having what I needed or wanted being on the back burner pretty much in all cases and in every way. Of course, when you have small kids, that is pretty much how it has to be, right? The […]

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