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By George, I think I’ve found it!

Yep, I’m liking this new look. Put it up a couple days ago, and have kept coming back to look at it over time. I think it suits me just fine. It’s bright, warm, and easy on the eyes. A quick mod to a narcissistic header, and it’s exactly what I wanted. That header picture […]

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It’s all good…

You know something? You people ROCK my world. Thanks to everyone who submitted possible prompt words (and ideas… hrmmm) for our Sensational Haiku Wednesday! WOW! We’ve got some great ones in there, and I think we’re set for a long time to come. Really appreciate the way you stepped up to help, so… THANKS :) […]

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Reality bites Jenn 2.0

Well, some of it does, anyway. So we’re all aware that I’m working hard on Jenn 2.0 this year, correct? Well, it’s going reasonably well I think. Besides changing my general attitude, my hair, and my clothes, I’ve done some serious re-evaluating of myself, head to toe. What did I dislike about myself? Being blind […]

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