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For my dear American friends, fearing a Trump win…

For my American friends fearing a Trump win (never happen, but there’s always that ugly threat…), there are things you need to know before the mass exodus to Canada. Ignore the flagrant use of “EH”; it’s offensive. Also the simpletons dotted hither and yon in the video wearing stupid hats. We are edumacated for the […]

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RIP Robin Williams

I have no words, except, perhaps “Shazbot“. Suicide is never the right way out, and today we lost a truly great man. RIP Robin Williams.  

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Feedly sucks. What do you use?

I’m really mourning the loss of the iGoogle widget I used to use for following blogs. It was one of my 3 homepages (pages that load as soon as I open my browser), and now I don’t bother because there’s nothing valuable left to see for those widgets, and iGoogle is going away as of […]

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