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Dear Teen and Wee One

My darling daughters, As I write this I’m hiding with my laptop in my bedroom, door locked, and lights off. Considering retreating even further… perhaps into the closet, but not yet. The quiet beyond my sanctuary is deceptive, and I’m positive you’re both beginning to realize I’m not there, and wonder where I am. Very […]

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The Monsters I have created

Oh it has been a busy, busy few weeks, let me tell you. No really, let me tell you. Back in March, I set up a blog for the Main Street-ers to collaborate on. They’d been hanging around here for a while at that point, submitting haiku faithfully every Wednesday, and generally doing it just […]

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That Wascally Wabbit!

We had our obligatory visit from the Easter Bunny last night, and I thought I’d share a few snaps taken of the kids – mostly Wee One, because The Teen kept shrieking “Don’t take my picture!” like her bed head was anything other than the norm these days. These things must be documented for posterity, […]

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