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A sign of spring…

What a beautiful weekend! The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and all is right with the world. Wee One was tickled to be outside with just a light jacket, and able to swing in the sunshine. (We’re also tickled that her two bottom teeth are finally coming in!) Please, Mother Nature… let it […]

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Dear Wee One

Remember when, a few days ago, I told you to clean up your toys? I was pretty nice about it, right? Even though the piles/unholy amount of brightly coloured plastic was beyond ridiculous? And remember when I told you the same thing a couple days later, and I was still pretty nice, but getting that […]

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A cast of players…

I’ve been asked a lot recently about who the folks I talk about on my blog actually are. I’m sure some of you wonder what the heck I’m up to sometimes, too. It can get a bit tedious (for you as well as me) to explain relationships every time I mention someone, so to that […]

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