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Reinventing Jenn

A while ago I decided that 2010 was going to be MY year. I was tired of having what I needed or wanted being on the back burner pretty much in all cases and in every way. Of course, when you have small kids, that is pretty much how it has to be, right? The […]

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A vision of hell

So that was fun. Not. As most of you know, I underwent PRK Advanced Custom Wavefront laser eye surgery last Monday. Following that has been, in all honesty, the week from hell. A quick [simplified] lesson in the differences between Lasik and PRK surgeries: With Lasik, there is a flap of tissue lifted on your […]

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Prepping for surgery

I am so excited. All my life I’ve been living with horrible vision, which has held me back from so many things I’ve wanted to do! When I was little I wanted to be a pilot. A fighter pilot, actually, and then a commercial pilot. Kinda need to have good eyes for that. Then of […]

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