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Dear [annoying thorn in my side]

A few letters to sum up the month I’ve been having so far (and it’s only the middle… yikes). Are you mentioned in them, Reader? Tell me it’s not so! Dear Clod, Can I call you Clod? Clod, when you called my cell phone at 4:24am yesterday and woke me from a much-needed slumber, I […]

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25 things about “Us”

My Bloggy friend Betty had this up on her blog yesterday, and I thought I’d post it. Now, it is a Valentine’s Day related Q&A, but I’m not real big on V-Day (and yes, I did have a rant post up yesterday, but quickly realized how whiny I sounded, and trashed it) so I decided […]

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I was visiting Thom’s place this morning as I was doing my morning reading and he was talking about “Phobias”. Like many people, I have a fear of heights. Mine is a modified fear though – I’m only afraid if there’s a chance I’m going to fall. I have no problems flying and being up […]

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