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Easter Bunny, Is That YOU?

Poor Boo, we do abuse her patience so. Yesterday we found a display of hallowe’en costumes for kitties, and when we saw the bunny ears, well, we had to have them. I mean really – how cute is Boo? When the girls got home from school today, Wee One immediately grabbed the ears again, and […]

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Caffeine makes me do bad things

A few years ago I came to realize that having caffeine of any sort means not getting to sleep until 3am. The fact that I stopped sleeping well the second I got pregnant with my first daughter in 1994 doesn’t help things either, although I don’t think caffeine did much to me back then. It’s […]

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Another new Graphics Toy!

So we not only have the awesome Wordle, but today, via Little Red House‘s blog I found Big Huge Labs! At BHL (free or low paid services), you can do all kinds of amazing things with your photos. It won’t replace my beloved PhotoShop, but… it’s FUN! See, this is what happens when you network […]

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