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Dear Wee One

Remember when, a few days ago, I told you to clean up your toys? I was pretty nice about it, right? Even though the piles/unholy amount of brightly coloured plastic was beyond ridiculous? And remember when I told you the same thing a couple days later, and I was still pretty nice, but getting that […]

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New Look

You might have been a bit shocked when you showed up just now expecting to see my journal layout. Sorry about that. While I loved the overall look, that theme simply had too many problems (one of which was that Internet Explorer couldn’t read it properly… I loathe IE). So I’ve just switched over to […]

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An awesome day

Not awesome in that I had a great time, but awesome in that we got rid of a lot of crap junk great stuff from our storage room today! Hubby is less grumpy, and we can actually move in the storage room now! We passed on old furniture, boxes full of old books, old computer […]

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