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An awesome day

Not awesome in that I had a great time, but awesome in that we got rid of a lot of crap junk great stuff from our storage room today! Hubby is less grumpy, and we can actually move in the storage room now! We passed on old furniture, boxes full of old books, old computer […]

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Muttering hubbies… not good!

Actually, I’m not sure what I did… the blog name shows up properly in RSS feeds now. Apparently Google Reader caches things, and it wasn’t as borked as it appeared ;) Yay! Storage room cleanout today – oh JOY. Hubby is grumpy and muttering already, and he just started! Wish me luck… *sigh*

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Clean, clean, clean the house…

Now that I’ve firmly planted the “Row row row your boat” song in your head (you’re welcome), I need to come clean. (Pun intended). There is nothing like a clean house, admit it. Clean and Tidy just feels good. However, when you work as many hours a day as I do, have 2 kids with […]

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