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Muttering hubbies… not good!

Actually, I’m not sure what I did… the blog name shows up properly in RSS feeds now. Apparently Google Reader caches things, and it wasn’t as borked as it appeared ;) Yay! Storage room cleanout today – oh JOY. Hubby is grumpy and muttering already, and he just started! Wish me luck… *sigh*

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Clean, clean, clean the house…

Now that I’ve firmly planted the “Row row row your boat” song in your head (you’re welcome), I need to come clean. (Pun intended). There is nothing like a clean house, admit it. Clean and Tidy just feels good. However, when you work as many hours a day as I do, have 2 kids with […]

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“Cascade with Dawn Grease-Fighting Action” – AVOID IT!!!

One of the blogs I stalk read frequently had this story today, about the dishwasher detergent Cascade with Dawn Grease-Fighting Action. Holy smokes! If 2 uses of this nasty corrosive product can ruin a brand new stainless steel dishwasher and etch glasses (and we have to assume that awesome Saucy has the most divine drinking […]

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