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A Great Time Had By All

Written By: Jenn - Sep• 27•09

We had my father’s 65th birthday party last night.

Wee One helped me decorate…

Doodle Cakes furnished a completely fantastic cake, encompassing many characteristics unique to my Dad…

To explain this wonderful creation; My father is a super hero, leaping to the aid of anyone in our family who shows any distress (whether we want him to or not!). This apparently runs in the family.

He and my mother love red wine and travel often. They spend a lot of time in vineyards in Italy, one of which is owned by family friends. This is where the brick courtyard with grape vines comes into play. My Dad enjoys nothing more than to break bread and drink wine while having good conversation with people he loves. In Italy, my very Irish father becomes Italian, and his hands behave accordingly, joining passionately into the conversation. So anyone who knows him recognizes this in the spilled glass of wine on the white table cloth!

There were many giggles and knowing nods as the cake was revealed and exclaimed over. And then moans of ecstasy as it was eaten – Doodle Cakes knows her way around cake recipes. Oh.My.God.YUM. The wall was this amazing vanilla/peanut butter creation, and the base was the most delectable lemon cake with raspberry butter cream filling… lets just say there was very little left, and more than one person had a second helping.

My very young looking parents…

The birthday boy with his 4 gorgeous grandkids (I have the “bookends” – the oldest and youngest, the young lad and lassie are my brother’s kids)

As much as I loathe having my picture taken, I could not turn my father down this one time. But really, yuck. And someone needs to tell my brother to stop shaving his head!

A big thank-you to everyone who gave suggestions about what to get my Dad for this special milestone birthday. I ended up getting him a GPS/dash mount/extended warranty. It suits him best, because I often get calls from him asking me to look up addresses and directions as he’s driving in crazy, congested Toronto traffic, and that just isn’t safe. Plus, Toronto has recently introduced a ban on using a cell phone while driving, which I absolutely support. Too many idjits weaving all over the road while talking (OR TEXTING… OMG people?!) is just asking for a tragic outcome. Bravo Toronto!

A great time was had by all – Happy Birthday Dad!


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  1. ShaMoo says:

    Such a beautiful family you have!! Looks like a great party; love the cake….Doodle Cakes does it again :)

  2. Thom says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful birthday. That cake looks awesome and sounds delicious. You have a wonderful looking family (you included my friend) Cute pictures. I’m with your brother on shaving the head…great way to have no gray hair LOL. The GPS sounds like a great gift :) Hau`oli La Hanau to you dad :)
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Sunday Stealing – A Fall Meme =-.

    • Jenn says:

      You’re too kind (no, really!) The cake really was delicious – I handed out a ton of her business cards, let me tell you!

      My brother makes himself look older with the shaved head – he’s actually 2 years younger than me. I just can’t get used to it…

  3. Your dad looks great. The cake is brilliant! Sounds like such a great time!!
    .-= Mighty M Family´s last blog alert! =-.

  4. Melissa B. says:

    Happy Birthday to Jen’s Dad! Love your Superior Snaps, too. Everyone looks like they’re having a blast…Oh, I LOVE parties!

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks :D We had a good time – there were actually quite a few people there, but I didn’t get a lot of pictures of them because I was running around trying to make sure things got done. Typical, eh? Ah well…

  5. What an awesome cake! He must have been tickled pink .. or make that red .. like the wine he enjoys so much! Happy Birthday to your Irish/Italian dad!
    .-= phd in yogurtry´s last blog ..dude, perfect throw =-.

  6. p.s. very glad to see a picture of the real you. I had thought, all along, that the pics of your oldest daughter was you!
    .-= phd in yogurtry´s last blog ..dude, perfect throw =-.

    • Jenn says:

      Wow, really? She’s only 14… I’d best lock her in her room if she looks old enough to be me – that is only asking for trouble!! ;)

  7. Annie says:

    Finally, the beautiful face behind all of this wonderfulness! I enjoyed the pictures of your Dad’s birthday. The cake sounds to die for.

  8. Great mosaic and what cherished memories. And I like your photo, so quit being camera shy!
    .-= Sharon Chapman´s last blog ..It’s Sunday =-.

  9. Kathleen says:

    Great your dad’s Irish face..looks like one of my relatives! Happy Bday to him..

  10. Doodle Cakes says:

    Next time you need to actually LOOK at the camera while having your pic taken my dear…! ;) And tell your brother to grow his hair back… ;-P
    .-= Doodle Cakes´s last blog ..Magical Mushroom Fairy Cake =-.